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Whenever possible, we try to repair any problems with garbage disposals, dishwasher and icemaker supply and waste lines, kitchen and lavatory sinks, all faucets, toilets, urinals, shower pans, hose bibs, washer boxes, hot and cold water lines, all waste lines, etc. We also replace these items if they cannot be repaired.

Remodel Kitchens, Bathrooms, etc.: During a remodel job, we will work with the customer/contractor through all phases of the job. We recommend you go to the web site at to look at the fixtures you want in your home, office or other building. You will find great variety of quality plumbing supplies.


A slab leak occurs when hot or cold water pipes beneath the home start leaking. The pipes can start leaking for many reasons – the pipes are old, the chemistry of the water supply, faulty installation, etc. When a slab leak occurs, we locate the leaking pipe using leak detection. Then access to the pipe is made through the floor to repair the pipe. When the repair is not feasible due to being located beneath a cabinet or tub, we can re-route the plumbing or re-pipe the house.


People usually re-pipe their homes for one of the following reasons: low water pressure, older pipes leaking, and repeated slab leaks. We run pipes in accessible areas: attics, crawl spaces, walls, etc. We insulate all pipes exposed to extreme temperatures. During a re-pipe, the homeowner is usually not left without water for any substantial period. We finish most re-pipes within two days. We guarantee the re-pipes for one full year on the parts and labor.


If your water heater is over five or six years old, it is probably out of warranty. After ten years, it is on borrowed time. Many older water heaters are not energy efficient. Since water heating is the second largest energy user next to heating and cooling, an energy efficient model can save you money every month on your fuel bills. We install all sizes of residential and commercial, natural gas and electric water heaters.

Plumbing Pros Inc offers all types and sizes of water heaters. We carry home residential units from 45,000 BTU to commercial units at 350,000 BTU. Our preferred brand is Bradford White and at Plumbing Pros, their products are always in stock. If you are lacking in hot water for your shower or Jacuzzi, we have the remedy. Contact us for installation prices at (331) 575-4186.

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Many municipalities are requiring backflow preventors (backflows) to keep the water supply clean. We can install and service backflows. After a backflow has been installed, it must be inspected to make sure it is functioning properly and then it must be re-inspected annually.

Camera: Many times we need to know where a problem lies within a line. To save wasted labor, time and disturbance to the area we can send a camera through the lines. This helps pinpoint the problem, saving unnecessary digging/jackhammering.


Plumbing Pros Inc sells only durable, long-lasting cast iron sump pumps. Zoeller is our preferred brand and we always have their products in stock. Be it an emergency or just a precautionary measure, we are ready to quickly install your new sump pump. All sump pump installations come with a one year guarantee on parts and labor. Also, you’ll have nothing to worry about with our 7 days-a-week service.

Zoeller cast iron pumps have lift arm floats which we find to have the fewest issues with repair. A good sump pump can last 15 – 20 years but a battery-back is the smart way to protect your family.


When you are remodeling your bathroom, Plumbing Pros Inc offers full online shopping. We can provide you with a quote on price and availability for the fixtures you select, and we would be happy to quote the installation costs for any new bath that does not currently exist in your home.

We can provide sewer, water, plumbing fixtures for your next remodel. Work is done to code so you won’t have issues should you decide to sell. Best work and best materials for the best and longest lasting installs.


Plumbing Pros Inc is equipped with the finest root removal and drain rodding equipment. Be it a kitchen sink, a bathtub, or your main sewer, we are prepared to solve your problem quickly. We’re equipped with excavation equipment and materials to do sewer line repair, no matter what the condition.

Expandable root cutting heads to make sure your pipe is as clean as when it was installed.


Plumbing Pros Inc offers full gas leak detection, repair, or reconstruction of gas lines in both residential and commercial structures. Underground gas lines such as those that run to barbecue grills, pool heaters, and the like are our specialty.


Our Experts can install a clean out in your sewer line OUTSIDE your home for easy drain cleaning . Price varies per situation.

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Water supply repiping
Leak detection
Sump pumps
Drain, waste and vent piping
Garbage disposal installation
Ejector pumps
Tub and shower replacement
Foundation drain tile
Water softening systems
Faucet repairs and replacements
Repairs due to code violations
Water filtration systems
Toilet repairs
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Main sewer line repairs
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Sewer inspections
Winterization of Properties
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Custom showers and bathrooms
Cleanout installation
Water Main repairs or replacement
Underground plumbing for basement bathrooms, bar sinks etc
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Our Plumbing Tips

If you are looking for ways to make the most of your plumbing, you have come to the right place. At Plumbing Pros Inc, we are dedicated to the safety and comfort of our customers at every turn. The following are some plumbing tips that come straight from our professional and experienced plumbers:

Keep a Pipe Clamp Handy

Because we are available 24/7/365, you won’t have to handle the entire repair on your own if your pipe springs a leak. However, while you wait for our prompt arrival, you may need to put a pipe clamp on the leak to stop the water temporarily.

Prevent Clogged Drains

To prevent having your drains clogged, our expert plumber suggests cleaning your shower and tub drain strainers out every time you use them. In addition, keep grease out of the kitchen sink, and rarely use chemical cleaners, if at all. Pop-up stoppers that are in many bathroom tubs and sinks should also be pulled out and cleaned at least once a week.

Look for Problems

To save money, Plumbing Pros Inc suggests preventing costly leaks in the dishwasher by looking for water damage surrounding the machine. Around the sinks, you can re-caulk and check for a slow-draining pipe. When you notice any of these issues, contact Plumbing Pros Inc immediately for less costly repairs.

Conserve Water

Save water and save money by turning off the water when it is not needed. Consider whether your shower or a bath would take up more water. Set a timer and limit yourself in the shower. Fill the sink to wash the dishes, rather than running the tap. Call us as soon as you notice a leak.

By following these and other plumbing tips, you will be able to prevent further damage while waiting for your plumber, can save yourself time and money by preventing clogged drains, can save money by checking for damage, and can conserve the water you use at home. For more information and more plumbing tips for residences and business in The Chicagoland area, Contact Plumbing Pros Inc at (331) 575 4186