Tips on How to Prepare for a Home Plumbing Inspection

home plumbing inspection

Whether you’re putting your home on the market, buying a home, or simply want peace of mind that your plumbing system is in good condition, a home plumbing inspection is a worthwhile investment. Having a professional plumber check the condition of the pipes and fixtures when they are working as they should can reveal small issues that may become bigger ones in the future and give you a sense of what you can expect from the plumbing going forward.

As Downers Grove’s best plumber, Plumbing Pros provides local homeowners with comprehensive inspections. Here, they offer some advice on how to prepare for the appointment and what the inspector will look for. 

Get the Most from a Home Plumbing Inspection 

In most cases, a home plumbing inspection doesn’t take more than a few hours, especially when the inspector can easily access the pipes and fixtures. During the visit, the plumber will:

  • Visually inspect pipes, joints, and plumbing fixtures to evaluate their condition and check for leaks.
  • Test the water pressure and drainage.
  • Check the appliance connections and drainage.
  • Inspect the water heater for signs of deterioration and leaks and make sure it works efficiently.
  • Look for signs of water damage on ceilings, floors, and walls that indicate a hidden leak.
  • Check exterior spigots and plumbing for damage and leaks.
  • Identify trouble spots that need immediate attention, like lead pipes or missing insulation.

In some cases, the plumber may also check the sewer line using a camera, looking for signs of corrosion, clogs, and other issues that could lead to a leak or backup. 

At the end of the inspection, the plumber will provide a detailed written report of their findings, along with recommendations for any repairs or maintenance the system requires. 

What to Do Before a Plumbing Inspection 

When you schedule a home plumbing inspection, plumbing companies appreciate it if you do a few simple tasks to make their job easier. 

Make Plumbing Accessible 

Plumbing inspectors need to access pipes and fixtures under cabinets, in the basement, and other small spaces, so make it easy for them by clearing out clutter so they can see everything easily and make an accurate assessment. 

Write Down Areas of Concern 

If you suspect that you have plumbing issues or see signs of trouble like water damage under sinks or inconsistent water pressure, make a list of your concerns beforehand and bring them up with the inspector. 

Collect Paperwork 

Be prepared to show the plumbing inspectors paperwork regarding any repairs or work you have done on the plumbing system, including previous maintenance records. If you recently replaced any equipment, show the inspector the paperwork; in the event that anything needs repair, the warranty may still be in effect. 

Update Plumbing Fixtures 

If you plan to update fixtures like toilets and shower heads anyway, doing it before the plumbing inspection is a good idea. This way, the plumber can get a more accurate assessment of your home plumbing and confirm that there aren’t any issues with the new equipment. 

Invest in Drain Cleaning 

If you’re selling your home, or even if you haven’t and aren’t sure about the condition of the drain pipes, schedule a professional drain cleaning. Plumbers use powerful equipment to blast away accumulated debris from the drain lines, reducing the risk of clogs that lead to messy and costly backups and leaks. 

Addressing Issues After an Inspection 

Inspectors don’t typically make repairs during home plumbing inspections beyond tightening loose connections or other minor adjustments that don’t take more than a few seconds. If they discover significant issues that require further attention, they’ll let you know in the final report. The inspector may also recommend replacing aging appliances or fixtures, drain and sewer line cleaning if you didn’t do it prior to the inspection, and water damage or mold remediation in the case of major leaks. 

Schedule a Home Plumbing Inspection From Plumbing Pros 

If you’re buying or selling a home, a recent plumbing inspection report offers greater peace of mind. However, even if you aren’t moving, a home plumbing inspection reveals whether you have any ticking time bombs lurking within the plumbing system and how to best deal with them. Investing time and money in a thorough checkup now will prevent more expensive and inconvenient problems in the future. To schedule a plumbing inspection, get in touch with Plumbing Pros in Downers Grove, Illinois. The licensed, experienced plumbers will make sure your plumbing is in tip-top condition and help you fix problems with quality repairs, repiping, appliance installation, and more. 

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